Praise for Your Emotional Edge

"It’s a great feeling when you read a book where the essential message resonates throughout and strikes a number of chords along the way. Wherever you may be in your professional career, Your Emotional Edge provides a relevant and useable framework for getting to the heart and soul of what it is you’re truly seeking through helping you to identify and then explore it. I found Noelene’s metaphorical characters and their pathways to be extremely relatable as I recognised parallel profiles of past and present work colleagues and identified similar personal aspects within their narrative. Noelene’s passion for helping women in the business world is unquestionable and her emotional resilience guidebook challenges us all to encourage ourselves - and each other - to fly high."
Melinda Smith
Corporate Affairs/Communications
Hunter Valley Training Company

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"A great listener, a sage, a comfort, a fair critic, trustworthy, thoughtful - these are just a few words that come to mind when thinking about Noelene and the reason that I chose to have her work with a few of my people. Noelene is particularly adept at managing those people who might be labeled perfectionists or those that are list focused and sometimes forget to live/feel fully as they achieve their list.
It has been a pleasure to know her."
Cassandra Kelly, Joint CEO

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Project Management Institute – Sydney Chapter
Thanks again for presenting to our members on 16 March 2009. With respect to feedback, as you would have seen from the feedback results it was clear that this was an excellent and timely topic for many people facing the uncertainty of the current economical climate.

Several attendees found the topic very interesting and one noted that self improvement should be considered by everybody this year. It was a great way for us to start this year’s theme.

Looking over the responses, one in particular may sum it up best:
“Interesting, relevant and inspiring”.

All the very best for your future engagements.
Thierry Haynes PMP, Director - Events Portfolio, Sydney PMI Chapter

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Team Coaching

CommInsure EIT
"In charge of a large team responsible for multiple applications across differing technologies and platforms, I found my managerial team (all skilled and capable technologists) lacked the skills to effectively define accountabilities, delegate meaningfully and report transparently. They also saw me as the problem solver instead of resolution facilitator, stumping their professional growth.

I worked with Noelene to devise a program to address these needs. Combining personal and team goals, the program addressed soft skills needed to change their day to day work practices, in the framework of becoming a high performance team leading high performance teams.

The results were excellent. 90% of the managerial team "got it" (10% moved on) and over time they changed the way they operated. Trust and collaboration between team members improved markedly, leadership skills improved, agreed managerial team goals were set and met. The ensuing professional growth energised both the direct report team and their downstream teams.

As I move to my next assignment I will seek Noelene out to deliver similar programs for me."
Gordon Sneddon, Executive Manager, E-Systems & Automation, CommInsure EIT, Sydney, NSW

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Newcastle City Council
“Some questions don't penetrate, they're brushed away without thought - like flies in summer. Noelene's questions reach the deeper places within us. They are insightful, good-humoured and outcome focussed - as is the questioner. Noelene's coaching and facilitation doesn't give you answers. It gives you a torch and a mirror so you can find them.”
Martin Coates, Director City Engagement

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